The traveling and vacation is a luxury time. When on the road or exploring a new city we likely crave for some treats. And we probably treat ourselves to them. We tend to eat more junk food or sweets or drink alcohol. It is fare and totally fine I guess. But some of us want to indulge, not just binge on anything. So what to do in Bratislava, when you feel like having something sweet?

When in summer in Bratislava, you might look for some good ice cream. It is understandable if you succumb to any of those touristy ice cream stalls along your way around the city center. But if you fancy something extra, check for galetaria Koun. Hidden near the Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, always busy and full of locals, it is entirely worth the buzz. Artisanal homemade gelatos of various traditional or unusual flavors, cute and elaborate ice desserts or ice cream sandwiches? All you can have in this stylish café with a good design and cool staff. Plus, Koun is the only ice cream shop to offer a specialty coffee, so if you crave for some affogato (fresh espresso poured over your ice cream), this is the place to have it. Great coffee that will not ruin your ice cream and vice versa. And if talking about coffee, have it in a chocolate covered cone to go. Waste not, but have it all!

Still hot and need some icy refreshment? Ice pops maybe? Handmade and artisanal? Then opt for the Marinela ice shop in the wider city center close to the Blumental Church. A married couple runs this tiny place from 2015 and makes „gelato on the stick“ of many shapes and sizes. To what they say „you have to be able to bite the pops“ I cannot relate more. Vote for the next flavor batch, take your favorite and have a bite! Summer is around the corner.

If you prefer non-cold sweets or arrive in Bratislava in colder months, you might desire some homey and fluffy baked goodies instead. In case you love doughnuts, I might have one special place for you. La Donuteria on Šafárikovo námestie square is the place for you. The doughnuts are huge and super fresh. Made on the spot in small batches they run out quickly at the end of the day, so make sure you come early. The place is super cute and cozy, but we prefer to take away and enjoy it outside. Either right on the adjacent bridge while looking out to city landscape or strolling and people watching along the river.

Another home-baked stuff galore is Fertucha bakery. They offer worldwide classics like cheesecakes, quiche, brownies, muffins or brioche, but also typical Slovak cakes and tarts, so ask for a recommendation to try the local fare, too. Fertucha bakery has cubicles in both newest market halls in Fresh Market and Trch Slnečnice and a lovely café on Košická street not far from the outdoor farmers market Miletičová. So either you enjoy the desserts on the spot while shopping or take them with you, you cannot make a mistake here.

At last, I have to mention my favorite sweet shop in Bratislava Lucette Patisserie. Though in an improbable place in Petržalka I cannot recommend more visiting this chic French-style bakery. In Lucette you can taste the best macarons in Slovakia, I guess. They are expensive but exquisite. Have one salty caramel macaron, and you are lost. Next, if you ever crave for (individual) Pavlova with strawberries and cream, here you can have it, and it’s divine. And last but not least, try their chocolate pralines. Each one is like a piece of art, hand-made and hand-painted Jackson Pollock style. An elegant box of Lucette macarons or pralines makes a great gift or surprise for your loved ones anytime, trust me.

… here you can have it, and it’s divine.

There are many bakeries and sweet shops around the town, and I believe many of them are nice. However, I prefer small family-run ventures like Pasteleria. Hidden in a passage right on the busiest street of the historical center, unnoticed from the crowd, yet offering a unique service. A mother bakes and her son serves here. Crackling cookies, cheesecakes, chocolate tartlets and various Slovak classics, too, just to name few. You can meet and talk to the baker, make an order for your Christmas, Easter or other family occasions and support a great business. What else do we need, anyway?

As a visitor, you have no time to search or chase for the best; you want to have fun. But if you care about what you eat and how you invest your time and money, it is good to know some city secrets, right? I hope you will appreciate these of mine and would enjoy them as much as I do whenever I am a sweet tooth in the city. Life can be pretty sweet, isn’t it?

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